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Analyses demonstrate the suitability of the Weibull distribution for the estimation of CFRP properties. Results also show that the statistical characterisation of the mechanical properties should be performed with a focus on the tail region. The proposed distributions constitute a set of validated probabilistic models that can be used for performing reliability analyses of structures strengthened with CFRP laminates.. The… Read more →

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Further characterisation reveals that oligomeric proteoforms and rPmpD monomers adopt sheet folds, consistent with previously described Gram negative bacterial type V secretion systems (T5SSs). We also highlight adhesin like properties of rPmpD, showing that both soluble rPmpD and anti rPmpD serum from immunized mice abrogate binding of rPmpD coated beads to mammalian cells in a dose dependent fashion. Hence, our… Read more →

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And Guerreiro, Rita and Holmans, Peter and Kendler, Kenneth S. And Koeleman, Bobby and Mathews, Carol A. And Price, Alkes and Scharf, Jeremiah and Sklar, Pamela and Williams, Julie and Wood, Nicholas W. Posts that have received several user reports are auto removed and added to the moderation queue. FFAers (just like you!) report posts to assist us in catching… Read more →

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Too often we have seen opioid addiction start at home in the medicine cabinet when unused prescription drugs fall into the hands of someone who could misuse or abuse them, said Attorney General Herring. Of these drugs safely at a specified Drug Takeback Day location is an easy way for Virginians to get rid of these potentially dangerous unused prescriptions.… Read more →