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A: Although Afghanistan has got about 27 percent of women in the parliament, there are still some very deep biases against women. They want to achieve what every woman in the world wants, which is to have access to opportunities, education, training, political participation, economic activities. It is very difficult for an Afghan woman to achieve this.. “A lot of… Read more →

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Thursday’s hearing is listed as a status conference. Judges generally use these sort of hearings to plan for future filings and arguments. However, the judge in this case cited the the time sensitive nature of Kupperman’s case when scheduling the hearing, so it is unclear whether the judge will hear arguments or consider a ruling.. That was crazy to walk… Read more →

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Press accounts frequently imply that “assault weapons” are machine guns for example, by calling Purdy’s gun “an AK 47 assault rifle.”This confusion is tied to another misconception: that the rate of fire is a crucial factor in mass murders. Referring to the shootings on the Long Island Rail Road, for example, Clinton said, “Apparently, the rapid fire of the gun… Read more →

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Diagnosing neurocysticercosis usually involves spotting the cysts through brain scans, such as a CAT scan or MRI. And other developed countries, it’s more difficult in the rural areas of underdeveloped countries where there is a lack of resources and a high amount of cases. Blood tests can also help identify if a person is infected elsewhere in the body.. This… Read more →

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Intel hasn had a very good 2018. While the company quarterly performance has been excellent, it been repeatedly hammered by security flaws, some of which are baked into the fundamental structure of its microprocessors. While these flaws are not unique to Intel, the company has been uniquely exposed by its own market dominance and by certain design decisions it made… Read more →

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Wear of the cobalt alloys, producing wear debris, exacerbates this problem as it may be transported and deposited at various locations throughout the primary loop increasing the potential of radiation exposure. Removing this problem will require the removal of cobalt from the system.In order for suitable replacement materials to be identified, a better understanding of the behaviour of these alloys… Read more →

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