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Cryogelation technique is a versatile technique for design of various biocompatible scaffolds based on natural polymers as gelatin(Gel), chitosan and casein using cryogelation technique. [1 4] Cryogelation is the process of the formation of macroporous polymer systems, so called cryogels, with well developed 3D structure of interconnected pores. Cryogels have porosity of 90 95% and macro channels of 20 150… Read more →

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Three prescription opioids stood out as drugs most frequently used in these emergency cases. Oxycodone (used for severe to moderate pain) incidents rose 152 percent. Hydrocodone (powerful analgesic/cough suppressant) products were up 123 percent and Methadone (strong analgesic/chronic pain) episodes rose to 73 percent. This thesis considers a possible role for CGA in UK care homes through three research projects.The… Read more →

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We undertook a mixed methods investigation of reports of primary care patient safety incidents involving sick children from England and Wales TM National Reporting and Learning System between 1 January 2005 and 1 December 2013. Two reviewers independently selected relevant incident reports meeting prespecified criteria, and then descriptively analyzed these reports to identify the most frequent and harmful incident types.… Read more →

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Additional Information:Using the analytical distinction between intrinsic and instrumental aims of education, this paper argues that such aims are paramount in the design of Economics programmes and therefore educational policy. It i s argued that a truly educational programme must achieve these intrinsic aim. Designed instrumentally, for the purpose of enterprise, or for indoctrination, are likely not to achieve the… Read more →

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