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Typically, to be incarcerated is to be fixed: limited within specific parameters or boundaries with liberty and agency greatly reduced. Yet, recent literature has attended to the movement (or mobilities) that shape, or are shaped by modes of incarceration. Rather than simply assuming that experiences are inherently ones of immobility, such literature unhinges carceral studies from its framing within a… Read more →

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At the time the Gibson Girl first became famous, America was in the midst of the Gilded Age, a time of incredible economic growth due to industrialization. The name came from the title of a book by Mark Twain, the famous American humorist. The term implies that which appears beautiful on the outside but is full of turmoil within.. Some… Read more →

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Contractors shall submit all supplemental invoice documentation along with the original invoice.; (c) Invoices that fail to provide the information required by the Prompt Payment clause (FAR 52.232 25) may be rejected by the Government and returned to the contractor. (2) The Government reserves the right to make invoice adjustments if associated costs are determined to be unallowable. If a… Read more →

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Only five RCTs reported on the incidence of DFU whilst only two reported on amputation rates. There was no advantage of combining different educational approaches in preventing/reducing DFU, relative risk (RR) of 0.50 (95%CI 0.21, 1.17) (P = 0.11). Two RCTs based on foot care education alone were compared with usual care; the result showed a non significant effect (P… Read more →

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He was publishing Letters of Victory newsletter. He is an avid downhill skier and enjoys studying Hebrew. He is speaking English, Slovak, Czech, Russian.He received doctorate degree in medicine and was in research in experimental pathophysiology in Brno, Czech Republic, the crib of genetics where father of genetics Mendel did his research. Remove pancakes onto a plate lined with 2… Read more →

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Retreating along with the South Koreans were the New Zealand and American artillery units and the Middlesex Battalion. The Middlesexers were originally slated to take up positions on Hill 794, north of and across the Kapyong River from the Canadians on Hill 677. But orders had been changed, and the battalion moved through the valley and downriver to establish a… Read more →

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