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This comedy could easily end in tragedy. The inconclusive result has echoes of last year’s first Greek election except that Italy is bigger and more strategic. The country faces political paralysis, while its economy is shrinking and its debt is rising. The power generated from TEG is relatively unstable owing to temperature variations at its hot and cold side terminals.… Read more →

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Based on recently re opened files and publications in Nanjing, as well as published and newsreel accounts from the 1940s, this paper represents the first scholarly analysis of the rituals surrounding the death and burial of Wang Jingwei in Japanese occupied China. Rather than locating this analysis purely in the literature on the history of the Second Sino Japanese War… Read more →

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Been going one year at a time budgetarily now for several years straight, and it extremely disruptive to the operations of the department, Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. Is managerially inefficient, because we in this herky jerky process. Congressional Republicans are proposing to give President Barack Obama the extra billions he wants for defense in the… Read more →

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FREEPORT and KENTS HILL, ME June 8, 2011 Simply Divine Brownies, a gourmet brownie company in Maine offering a suite of scrumptious innovations baked from scratch with love, laughter and confection, announced today the company has achieved remarkable growth and success, with sales approaching half a million dollars, one year after moving to its new Freeport retail location and opening… Read more →

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Irrespective of these considerations, a key question is whether a successful nuclear disarming strike against a leader with Kim’s level of security would draw a chastened response without retaliation. It needs to be said that over the years repeated North Korean atrocities have never drawn an Allied response. In part this is a product of an Allied calculation that, after… Read more →

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And Miville Deschnes, M. A. And Molinari, D. Next Alibaba started Alipay to support mobile online payments and then later used its platform to offer wealth management services, including the Yu Bao money market fund, which subsequently became the backbone of its network internet finance business.Today, Alibaba internet finance interests are grouped under Ant Financial, which includes businesses such as… Read more →

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In particular, the novel use of ArF laser annealing at a wavelength of 193nm as a post deposition annealing process for ZnS:Mn thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering has been presented and compared to KrF laser annealing (248nm wavelength). Additionally the use of KrF laser annealing on a new deposition method, High Target Utilisation Sputtering (HiTUS) is presented, with… Read more →