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Finally, the GCC needs to favor greater exchange rate flexibility and monetary independence. Traditionally, its governments have pursued expansionary policies during economic booms and tightened their belts in downturns. Pegging their currencies to the US dollar has aggravated this pro cyclical pattern. Many require hours to play rather than minutes. There are whole genres of games to challenge an active… Read more →

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“Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions,” Instagram writes in a blog post. And it will start to remove followers, likes, and comments that were generated as the result of these services. (Importantly, Instagram says the change will kick in beginning Monday, so previous likes and follows will not be impacted, even if they… Read more →

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Understanding the response of biomineralisation to rising seawater pCO2Allison, N., Penkman, K. E. H. Secondly, the wind will also cause movements in the cable, but mainly in the horizontal direction. Vertical movements due to the vibrating nature of the cable will also be present, at a rate of 0.1Hz or so. Finally, the cable will expand and contract due to… Read more →

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A convenient sampling method was used among the bed ridden patients and a single stage cluster method was used among the nurses in the three wards. The study sample consisted of 51 Nurses whom answered a pre established Questionnaire and 129 bed ridden patients whom were observed using Observational Checklist. The Major Findings were as follows: the cumulative point prevalence… Read more →

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All the lymphocytes were exposed to different doses of radiation. Genetic damage and biochemical changes were measured. Gamma irradiated control lymphocytes showed a radiation dose dependent increase in genetic damage and a significant decrease in antioxidant status. [Fran Duffy on Twitter] Redskins 1st Round pick Montez Sweat had 5 tackles in 3 preseason games, but I was impressed by what… Read more →

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Peak flow measurement was believed by some to be detrimental to patients in respiratory distress and sometimes difficult to obtain. Reasons for not carrying out objective assessment were not always recorded. Ambulance guidelines and training were seen as barriers to pre treatment assessment as the emphasis is on correcting breathing difficulties before carrying out other assessments. Senator McCain, as he… Read more →

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