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Methods and analysis This is a feasibility randomised controlled trial (RCT) with nested qualitative interview study. They will be randomised to either usual adaptations (3 month wait) or immediate adaptations (no wait). The primary outcome is the feasibility of conducting a powered study. The produced lakes of oil in the Kuwaiti desert equal in volume to twenty times the amount… Read more →

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The Clippers have gotten steadily better each of Strong seasons. This winter, however, they won be able to sneak up on anyone. Yarmouth will face a series of difficult tests, starting with the defending regional champions from Gray New Gloucester in Friday opener, but this group won back down against anyone. Dat artikel is ook raar, als je dit doet… Read more →

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We philosophers do just like a traveller who resolves to awake at a given hour, and then quietly yields himself to sleep: we surrender ourselves temporarily, body and soul, to the sickness, supposing we become ill we shut, as it were, our eyes on ourselves. And as the traveller knows that something does not sleep, that something counts the hours… Read more →

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Palynological analysis also shows great similarity between the environments before and after the Avellino Pumice eruption. The pottery evidence is typologically very similar before and after the eruption, which suggests that the people who resettled the Campanian plain after the eruption were closely related to those living there previously, whose material culture is that of the Palma Campania culture. Radiocarbon… Read more →

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