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This study does provide interesting data for those with an interest in breast cancer. However, any benefit to patients from further study is likely to be diluted by the industry obsession with drug based cures, whilst natural cures of equal or superior effectiveness are likely to be overlooked. Marek runs Blueprint Fitness, edits theAdrenal Fatigue Focus website and has been… Read more →

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Endocannabinoids modulate both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission in hippocampus via activation of pre synaptic cannabinoid receptors. Here, we present a model for cannabinoid mediated short term depression of excitation (DSE) based on our recently developed model for the equivalent phenomenon of suppressing inhibition (DSI). Furthermore, we derive a simplified formulation of the calcium mediated endocannabinoid synthesis that underlies short term… Read more →

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The Working Group was made up of members of the International Bioethics Committee, established in 1993 as part of UNESCO’s Bioethics Programme. It found that the lack of clarity in international law is unhelpful for those states yet to formulate national regulations or policies on human cloning. Despite this, member states of UNESCO resisted the idea of a convention for… Read more →

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