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Dumpson wanted someone, a real person not hiding behind an avatar or sneaking around campus, to be held accountable for the very real terror she had endured from anonymous haters. She was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the torrent of abuse she endured. She wanted some semblance of closure.. Heel spurs can also be surgically removed, but… Read more →

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These desirable features come at the cost of an increased complexity of the system, which now includes a power electronic converter and a control system dedicated to the AMBs. This paper focus on the overall system design, from the AMB design, to the power electronic converter design and control, for an AMB featuring Wheatstone bridge winding configuration. The magnetic design… Read more →

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Objective: Wound healing is a normal physiological process which is moderated by biological and social factors. However, delayed healing is common amongst older people and in those with long term conditions. The purpose of this study was to explore the challenges of communication between patients and professionals and adherence to treatment for chronic wounds when using negative wound pressure therapy… Read more →

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Now we’ve witnessed the beginning of the end of that era of medicine. It may take years to unravel and we may see yet more scandals and revelations of dangerous drugs, because Vioxx is only one drug out of thousands that are dangerous. With the internet freely spreading information, drug companies can no longer run and hide from the fatal… Read more →

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Today Doodle, a peek behind the skin of Google iconic logo, flickers with a radioactive glow and even gives us a little chuckle from April Fool past. The X Rayed logo second shows a bird wingbone, a reference to Google prank of 2002, where the company claimed that its page ranking system was decided solely by pigeon pecks. (via Telegraph).… Read more →

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E. Robson, H. K., Oct 2018Article in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Now that we know how to properly prepare an avocado. Let’s all take a lesson from today and enjoy everything the delicious green fruit has to offer. Endavocadohand.. Tate Reeves is trying to fend off challenges from former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. And state… Read more →

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WhitwoodPublication detailsJournalNature CommunicationsDateAccepted/In press 24 Sep 2018DateE pub ahead of print 12 Oct 2018DatePublished (current) 12 Oct 2018Issue number1Volume9Number of pages4251Early online date12/10/18Original languageEnglishAbstractIridium N heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes catalyze the para hydrogen induced hyperpolarization process, Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange (SABRE). This process transfers the latent magnetism of para hydrogen into a substrate, without changing its chemical identity, to… Read more →

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While Canada must show backbone in responding to China, our actual ability to counter China is near zero. China has very little need of Canada for anything while Canada, especially western industry and farmers, have a vital need to access Chinese markets. Benefit. The kits are still white, the ball is still swinging, and India Pakistan clashes are still rare.… Read more →

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