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A new era on astronomy began in 1995 when the first extrasolar planet was detected. To date, 346 planets have been found orbiting stars other than our sun. But new research indicates astronomers might have found even more extrasolar planets except for one thing: some planets have either been pulled into their parent star and devoured or gravitationally torn apart..… Read more →

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But inspectors wrote up more orders related to permits for the house’s plumbing, HVAC units, an uninstalled Jacuzzi the previous owners left on the third floor and other issues.”You’re putting so many violations on me, and I have to call contractors when I can’t afford to,” Starr says. “And then I’ll lose my house. I’m scared. “Upfront they tell you… Read more →

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The haughty blood of the Douglasses could bear it no longer. James, the gallant earl of Douglas and Mar, stepped forward from the circle. “My honoured liege, and master,” said he, “I have not declined the princess’s offer, beshrew my heart if ever it embraced such a purpose. I not sure where. He loves finding poor, unassuming citizens to murder… Read more →

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Elizabeth A, 2nd Emily Carr A, 3rd Stouffville A; Pole Vault 1st Matt McDonald, Cardinal Carter; High Jump 1st Grant Cheng, Markham, 2nd Stephen Papp, Sacred Heart, 3rd Jahneil Walters, Emily Carr; Shot Put 1st Harry Jay Yeung, Unionville, 2nd Darren Devenz, Cardinal Carter, 3rd Qudamah Hamadi, Bur Oak; Triple Jump 1st Grant Cheng, Markham, 2nd Kazim Mirhadi, Emily Carr,… Read more →

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Recently, the built heritage sector has witnessed an increase demand for 3D models of historical sites mainlydue to the widespread of new technologies in buildings’ surveying. Although these technologies have been credited for enabling highly detailed 3D modelling of the built heritage, their implementation is still so complex and costly. This research aims to explore the possibility of implementing new… Read more →

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Concentrated colloidal suspensions display dramatic rises in viscosity, leading to jamming and granulation, with increasing shear rate. It has been proposed that these effects result from inter particle friction, as lubrication forces are overcome. This suggests the jamming of concentrated colloidal suspensions should exhibit some shared phenomenology with macroscopic granular systems where friction leads to two different types of jammed… Read more →

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The real risk to others? People who routinely take antibioticsAs it turns out, the real health risk that does exist in person to person exposure of infectious disease comes from people who routinely take antibiotics. Those who take the most antibiotics become drug resistant bacteria factories, and they can spread their drug resistant strains to others around them. Their risk… Read more →

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