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Amorphous and various nanostructures (sheet, rings and quasi spheres) were revealed by electron microscopy in carbon samples deposited under different process conditions. The specific surface area of the carbon deposited at 5.0 V and 540 C was as high as 585 m2 g’1. An analysis of the energy consumption suggests several ways for efficiency improvement so that the electrolytic carbon… Read more →

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Experiments on various computer vision and machine learning datasets have shown that our method can always boost the performance of state of the art MKL methods.Our second contribution is to advocate the segment then recognize strategy in pixel level semantic image understanding. We have developed a new framework which tries to integrate semantic segmentation with low level segmentation for proposing… Read more →

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Invesco Income Growth Trust plc Annual Financial Report Announcement for the Year Ended 31 March 2010 Financial Information and Performance Statistics At At 31 March 31 March % 2010 2009 change Net asset value per ordinary share: per Balance Sheet 196.1p 138.9p +41.2 after deducting proposed dividends 196.1p 135.8p +44.4 Mid market price per ordinary share 174.0p 122.5p +42.0 Discount… Read more →

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A fairly inexpensive benefit; there nothing to administer, so the costs are minimal. Even so, Orndorff cautioned, thing pretty certain: Companies won be adding paid holidays. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights).. John Malouf, Hawker Foreign aid is always an easy target for savings (“We richer but meaner… Read more →

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The majority of studies analysed data routinely collected by organisations external to the study team, thus reducing the risk of bias in terms of systematic differences in assessing outcomes between the control and intervention groups. Longer data collection periods pre and post installation would allow for regression to mean effects and also seasonal and time trends in traffic volume to… Read more →

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Development of a minaturised forwards looking imager using deep learning for responsive operationsGreenland, S., Ireland, M., Kobayashi, C., Mendham, P., Post, M. White, D., 28 May 2018, 4S Symposium 2018. ESAResearch output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding Conference contributionPublication detailsDatePublished 8 Aug 2018Original languageEnglishAbstractVenus is a planet that we would very much like to further explore and understand. A mine was… Read more →

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The study of the paleomagnetic signal recorded by rocks allows scientists to understand Earth TMs past magnetic field and the formation of the geodynamo. The magnetic recording fidelity of this signal is dependent on the magnetic domain state it adopts. The most prevalent example found in nature is the pseudo “single domain (PSD) structure, yet its recording fidelity is poorly… Read more →