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Amorphous and various nanostructures (sheet, rings and quasi spheres) were revealed by electron microscopy in carbon samples deposited under different process conditions. The specific surface area of the carbon deposited at 5.0 V and 540 C was as high as 585 m2 g’1. An analysis of the energy consumption suggests several ways for efficiency improvement so that the electrolytic carbon… Read more →

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Yet those willing to look past the next quarterly statement have repeatedly shown that the goals of business and society are not at odds, but fundamentally the same. Corporate America has enormous capacity both to prosper and to improve lives. At its best, the tax cut is an investment in that hope.. Originally developed to protect aircraft passengers in the… Read more →

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This article looks at three recent French novels novels in order to explore key themes in what has become known as the roman d TMentreprise: Pierre Mari TMs Rsolution (2005), Nathalie Kuperman TMs Nous tions des tres vivants (2010) and Thierry Beinstingel TMs Retour aux mots sauvages (2010). The figure of the entreprise functions both as a fictional representation of… Read more →

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One of the main drawbacks of the implementation of predictive control in a direct matrix converter is the high computational cost and the adequate selection of weighting factors in order to control both input and output sides. In this paper is proposed an indirect model predictive current control strategy enhanced with a fixed switching predictive strategy and an active damping… Read more →

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