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The planar structure of 1 was secured by NMR and MS/MS analysis. Attempts to isolate further material for biological testing were hampered by inconsistent production and by a low yield (o100 mg l 1). The absolute configuration of 1 was determined by Marfey’s analysis and the structure was confirmed through total synthesis as isovaleric acid D His L Ile L… Read more →

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Qun bao, s bao, ni bao, mng bao, quid curandum bao n, quomod hc expressio fer semper in fine phrasis collocatur. Bao n, nm patiar bao thu, quo tempore vel quandonam de remoto tempore dicitur. Bao xa, quantm longitudinis, (viarum, itineris.) Bao di, quantm longitudinis, (pro aliis rebus.) Bao gi, quandonam vel quand bao lu, quandi bao lm, quanti pretti,… Read more →

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President Donald Trump may have much to say on a great number of topics Tuesday, when he delivers his postponed State of the Union speech. But many listeners, perhaps including the woman who will be seated directly behind Trump, will be listening closely for comments on a single subject: wall. It is she who is to blame for the address… Read more →

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The path of Pluto through 2015. Image credit: Starry Night Education SoftwarePluto and its large moon Charon are snapping into focus as we reach the two week out mark. Discovered in 1930 by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh while working at the Lowell observatory in Flagstaff Arizona, these far off worlds are about to become real places in the public imagination. The… Read more →

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