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Unfortunately, government researchers have little other recourse when it comes to substantiating or refuting claims of runaway Toyota products. NHTSA just recently released a preliminary report saying that over half of the instances in which the vehicles seemed out of control were actually attributable to the driver applying the wrong pedal at the wrong time. The Washington Post has indicated… Read more →

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I been harping on the Mueller report and misinformation recently, so I know I sound like a broken record. That said, this poster silly logic and evasive response is exactly what the Mueller report said the misinformation firms were doing. Russians hired people to study issues and test out talking points on social media. “That’s important to note,” said Dr.… Read more →

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This solicitation includes FAR 52.219 4 Notice of Price Evaluation Preference for HubZone Small Business Concerns. Accordingly, any contract resulting from this solicitation will include this clause. The contractor is advised in performing contract administration functions, the CO may use the services of a support contractor(s) retained by VA to assist in assessing the contractor’s compliance with the limitations on… Read more →

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This thesis presents the life journeys of former democratic school students, seeking to understand the impact of their school experiences in relation to the development of their moral character during education and equally to sustaining their moral character throughout life. Moral character in this inquiry refers to what individuals perceive as intrinsically good and valuable for themselves and others around… Read more →

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Lot of it was controversial. I get picketed. They started being on my act. Investigation of the incipience of agriculture in Greece employing archaeobotanical remains is a challenging field of inquiry, aiming at gaining insights into the complex socio economic transformations that gradually shaped the way of Neolithic life. Yet, primary archaeobotanical evidence dating to the 7th and early 6th… Read more →