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However, a Justice Department official said Wednesday the department did not intend to revisit its decision to not prosecute anyone for the interrogation methods. The official said the department had reviewed the committee’s report and did not find any new information that would cause the investigation to be reopened. “Importantly, our investigation was not intended to answer the broader questions… Read more →

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Thevictim was inside when the suspects approached the front door and kicked it several times. The suspects then broke a front window and walked away toward the driveway. The suspects returned to the broken window and one subject was seen armed with a firearm. The multi instrument vibe comes into full swing with “Handclaps Guitars,” a track originally done with… Read more →

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The signal to noise ratios of detected modulated bioluminescent emissions are calculated using the optical and physical properties of a mouse model.Results: The modulation depth of the bioluminescent emission affected by the US induced variation of local concentration of the light emitting enzyme luciferase were at least two orders of magnitude greater than that caused by variations in the other… Read more →

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Unfortunately, government researchers have little other recourse when it comes to substantiating or refuting claims of runaway Toyota products. NHTSA just recently released a preliminary report saying that over half of the instances in which the vehicles seemed out of control were actually attributable to the driver applying the wrong pedal at the wrong time. The Washington Post has indicated… Read more →

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I been harping on the Mueller report and misinformation recently, so I know I sound like a broken record. That said, this poster silly logic and evasive response is exactly what the Mueller report said the misinformation firms were doing. Russians hired people to study issues and test out talking points on social media. “That’s important to note,” said Dr.… Read more →

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