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Here, governing equations are derived via the extended Hamilton’s principle. The coupled effects of system parameters such as surface layer energy, electric field correction, and material properties are incorporated in this thermosensitive model. Afterward, the accuracy of the present model and obtained results are validated with experimental, analytical, and numerical data for several cases. We may know that this can… Read more →

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The Administration already poor track record, Shamsi says, policy sends a signal of discriminatory targeting. Changes its airline security standards, foreign partners typically do the same. Has so far followed suit. Automakers market these hands free systems for making phone calls, using voice to text systems and other tasks as safer alternatives to glancing downward at handheld devices or center… Read more →

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There is no dialogue, no hearing, and no opportunity to present witnesses or evidence. The interactive aspects of the pre existing removal process (MARP) are missing in both the new removal process and the reinstatement process. While synchronous chat for worldwide teams is a major hassle, there needs to be some way to include the moderator in a discussion of… Read more →

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“This report is completely misleading,” said LaHood in a statement after the study was made public. “Distracted driving related crashes killed nearly 5,500 people in 2009 and injured almost half a million more. Lives are at stake, and all the reputable research we have says that tough laws, good enforcement and increased public awareness will help put a stop to… Read more →