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“More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette!” This was an advertisement that ran for years in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Today, of course, JAMA no longer accepts money from tobacco companies because, after decades of denials, the AMA finally admitted that cigarette smoke probably wasn’t good for your health. So they switched to accepting ads from… Read more →

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We conduct a comprehensive projected phase space analysis of the A901/2 multicluster system at z 0.165. Aggregating redshifts from spectroscopy, tunable filter imaging and prism techniques, we assemble a sample of 856 cluster galaxies reaching 108.5 MTM in stellar mass. We look for variations in cluster galaxy properties between virialized and non virialized regions of projected phase space (PPS). Objective:… Read more →

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Agreed methods and conventions for developing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting interventions directed at improving recovery are lacking, and current approaches are often not underpinned by biology. We urgently need to better understand the biology of recovery and its time course in both animals and humans to translate evidence from basic science into clinical trials. A new international partnership of stroke… Read more →

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He said he is ashamed. Frequently, he seemed to be approaching something like remorse, but then would drop an incongruous comment such as: biggest problem is communications skills. Said his childhood was made difficult because his tongue was attached to the floor of his mouth and he needed a minor operation, then speech therapy.. Il faut aussi faire confiance ceux… Read more →

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The widespread use of an asthma self management plan, designed to encourage disease monitoring and timely intervention, can reduce exacerbations and is, therefore, recommended for all patients with asthma. Unfortunately, the majority of patients are not provided with such a plan. There are a variety of reasons for this but uncertainty about what to include in the plan when asthma… Read more →

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