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En d d’ann de recherches et de politiques internationales assorties d’objectifs clairs, la perte de la biodiversit se poursuit un rythme alarmant. Dans un article publi cette semaine dans la revue Nature Sustainability, une internationale de scientifiques comptant des chercheurs de l’Universit McGill a cern sept aspects cl devant faire partie des prochains travaux afin de s’attaquer aux causes profondes… Read more →

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There are the odd filler songs that don work while songs such as “HONEY,” “TAPE” and “WEIGHT” contain well written verses that add to the band members’ characters, they are relatively unimpressive as entire songs. But, these filler songs fail to significantly detract from its overall quality. The strong, defined, self realized performances from every member make up for the… Read more →

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The irony is that as grazing management programs become more successful farmers move into areas previously only inhabited by wildlife, which results in an increase in human wildlife conflict. Here a farmer walking home in the evening was chased by an elephant, gored and trampled to death. The community demanded retribution. “No one from the State side is going to… Read more →

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The mevalonate pathway is normally found in eukaryotes, and allows for the production of isoprenoids, a useful class of organic compounds. This pathway has been successfully introduced to Escherichia coli, enabling a biosynthetic production route for many isoprenoids. In this paper, we develop and solve a mathematical model for the concentration of metabolites in the mevalonate pathway over time, accounting… Read more →

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