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FILE In this Aug. 10, 2012, file photo, San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs carries against the Minnesota Vikings during an NFL preseason football game in San Francisco. The 49ers parted ways for good with Jacobs on Monday, Dec. Exhibit A, Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the Don Imus controversy: “(Rappers are) talking about hos that’s in the ‘hood that… Read more →

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“[Backardjiev] said, ‘No, you don’t want a C section. You’ll have a scar,” said Coats, who was present at the birth. “During her delivery, the baby’s heart rate kept going up. Didn stop at the electorate. He referred to their leaders as being most cases, stunningly ignorant. Words that have today seen fruition. Congressman Jared Polis of Boulder, who was… Read more →

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This paper assesses the potential impact of two performance measures on equality of access to a general education for all pupils. It argues that government policy, which on the surface appears to facilitate equality of opportunity, is in fact marginalising some school subjects and appropriate qualifications. Focussing on the subject design and technology (D this paper illustrates the potentially limiting… Read more →

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In other instances, the lines were different angles or the same angle but spatially misaligned. The birds were trained to classify each stimulus as continuous or discontinuous using a go/no go procedure. A series of tests followed in which the birds received novel discontinuous displays made up of familiar line segments, continuous and discontinuous stimuli made up of novel line… Read more →

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