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This paper assesses the potential impact of two performance measures on equality of access to a general education for all pupils. It argues that government policy, which on the surface appears to facilitate equality of opportunity, is in fact marginalising some school subjects and appropriate qualifications. Focussing on the subject design and technology (D this paper illustrates the potentially limiting… Read more →

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In other instances, the lines were different angles or the same angle but spatially misaligned. The birds were trained to classify each stimulus as continuous or discontinuous using a go/no go procedure. A series of tests followed in which the birds received novel discontinuous displays made up of familiar line segments, continuous and discontinuous stimuli made up of novel line… Read more →

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This thesis investigates the application of physiological measures made using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study cerebral haemodynamics and the pharmacological modulation of brain activity.Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) functional MRI (fMRI), together with Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL), were used to study of the effect of beta blockers on the brain’s response to emotional visual stimuli at 3 T. The… Read more →

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Technical note: Use of an atmospheric simulation chamber to investigate the effect of different engine conditions on unregulated VOC IVOC diesel exhaust emissionsPereira, K. L., Dunmore, R. E., Whitehead, J., Rami Alfarra, M., Allan, J., Alam, M. And all his time, we thought cockroaches were the toughest critters on the planet, what with their ability to withstand a nuclear holocaust.… Read more →

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Additional Information:Mismatches between PET and CT datasets due to respiratory effects can lead to artefactual perfusion defects. To overcome this, we have proposed a method of aligning a single CT with each frame of a gated PET study in a semiautomatic manner, incorporating a statistical shape model of the diaphragm and a rigid registration of the heart. This ensures that… Read more →

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In addition, the updated profiling guidance retains concerning loopholes for the FBI, Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Patrol that would allow law enforcement to continue using biased based profiling. These entities will still have a license to profile racial, religious and other minorities at the border under certain national security contexts. Law enforcements practice to map entire communities… Read more →

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