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The challenge is particularly acute because the choices shipping companies make now will play out over the next 30 years. Building the ships today which will be in operation over the next three decades, Dr. Tristan Smith, an expert in shipping and energy at University College London (UCL) Energy Institute, said in an interview with CNN Business. Seven MRI drugs… Read more →

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Understanding the vertical distribution and migratory behaviour of shelled holoplanktonic gastropods is essential in determining the environmental conditions to which they are exposed. This is increasingly important in understanding the effects of ocean acidification and climate change. Here we investigated the vertical distribution of atlantid heteropods by collating data from publications and collections and using the oxygen isotope (18O) composition… Read more →

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“Today, we pause and assess the progress in driving down illness and death from pneumonia and diarrhoea among young children. IVAC’s new Pneumonia and Diarrhoea Progress Report shows that while countries are making gradual progress implementing interventions to treat and prevent pneumonia and diarrhoea, substantially more needs to be done. Vaccines are a cornerstone of intervention strategies, but they only… Read more →

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To that end, we’ve developed a patented platform for discovering, customizing, and interacting with visual art in your everyday life. Under the trusted umbrella of NETGEAR the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet Meural becomes an even more powerful platform for bringing the joy of art to the people in their homes, offices, and anywhere else art… Read more →