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Neonatal imitation is the matching of (often facial) gestures by newborn infants. Some studies suggest that performance of facial gestures is due to general arousal, which may produce false positives on neonatal imitation assessments. Here we examine whether arousal is linked to facial gesturing in newborn infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Lev par un revendeur de drogue de Sherbrooke, un… Read more →

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Austin is known forpreserving as much of its structural history as possible. Item 5 on the Landmark Commission’s agenda should have been a slam dunk to preserve an iconic structure. Rosewood Courts speaks to the vanishing presence of Americans of African descent in the only part of Austin that they could call home, after the City adopted the 1928 Comprehensive… Read more →

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In this paper we introduce a new stable mathematical model for locating and measuring the medial axis of geometric objects, called the quadratic multiscale medial axis map of scale , and provide a sharp regularity result for the squared distance function to any closed nonempty subset K of Rn. Our results exploit properties of the function Cl (dist2(; K)) obtained… Read more →

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In other applications, a variety of inclusions have previously been 18 studied to tailor the properties of SU8. In this work we report an approach to, and results from, 19 incorporating inclusions, in our case glass beads, of different wettabilities into the SU8 structures 20 produced by photolithography. In particular, we focus on ridge structures expected to be of use… Read more →

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Orta’s lawyer, Matthew Zuntag, has said that no fingerprints were found on the .25 automatic that police charged his client with possessing. Truth Publishing LLC takes sole responsibility for all content. Truth Publishing sells no hard products and earns no money from the recommendation of products. If you are not so sure how you can combine your outfits and accessories,… Read more →