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Brian Malte, a director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said his group worries about the availability of plastic guns are reason to hold up renewal. Pistol blueprints prompted government interventionThe use of 3 D printers to manufacture guns received heightened attention in May when Cody Wilson, then a University of Texas law student, posted blueprints online for… Read more →

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EkpoSarah J. LewisKarla K. EvansKriscia TapiaPhuong Dung TrieuJeremy M. There was a feeling that Heathcote had been neglected, he said, and residents were disgruntled when they compared the condition of basic infrastructure, such as footpaths, in their town to what Bendigo had. But Mr Maine said he was optimistic about the new council, which was sworn in seven months ago.… Read more →

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Recent concerns over the welfare of elephants in UK zoos have implications for their future in captivity, and it is clear that improvements in welfare should be made. Evidence suggests that the knowledge of experienced stakeholders is vital to captive animal welfare assessment. However, there have been few attempts to consult with zoo personnel and other stakeholders on the assessment… Read more →