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Many millions of dollars (NaturalNews could not get accurate numbers on the total expenditures) are being spent by the FDA on these spying and infiltration programs. None of these programs are reported to Congress. None are reported to the press. Researchers prefer to use them because they can be engineered to suit a specific purpose; for instance,they can targetonly diseased… Read more →

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At 7 am, the enemy struck 12th Platoon in a strong attack. The Australians threw back the attackers with the aid of all available artillery fire. Still the Chinese came on, mounting five more assaults before 10:30 am on April 24. Le Wild est grandement affect par les blessures cette saison. Outre Bouchard, Brent Burns, Petr Sykora, Andrew Ebbett et… Read more →

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Muilenburg is committed to fixing this, even if its only for the sake of his own reputation and he would 100% be a scapegoat if they ousted him. Muilenburg inherited a project (more or less) doomed to under perform in the best case. Within Boeing, especially after the disasters, safety has become the priority because everyone knows in the back… Read more →

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Aesthetic evaluation is thus related to sets of material and ethical interests. The paper develops a more than human reading of Foucault’s biopower, which explores how truths about visual evaluations of animals become established. Two empirical perspectives explore, first, a relational practical aesthetic TM for evaluating beef cattle and sheep, exploring the implications of the aesthetic framing of specific animals… Read more →

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I fundamentally don see the evidence that city planning or strong zoning rules did much except get in the way. This is why I ask the question “what are the objective good laws” that we can say with some certainty are good. Having rules that are strong and consistent is always better than arbitrarily enforced and mercurial. This method of… Read more →

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M. And Langer, M. And Lasenby, A. In fact, they say, an outright shark ban won’t work. The only way to protect sharks and the food security of people who depend on them is by managing shark fisheries sustainably. “First, most are caught incidentally in fisheries for other species, and many die during capture and handling. Was really great to… Read more →

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