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We explore the possibility of calculating electronic excited states by using perturbation theory along a range separated adiabatic connection. Starting from the energies of a partially interacting Hamiltonian, a first order correction is defined with two variants of perturbation theory: a straightforward perturbation theory, and an extension of the Grling Levy one that has the advantage of keeping the ground… Read more →

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Furthermore, many people who own a “green” home still treat their lawns with chemical pesticides, completely contradicting the whole point of going green in the first place. Homeowners also typically treat indoor pest problems with chemical pesticides (“Call the pest control company!”) which ends up poisoning them even more because their “green” home is so air tight that the pesticide… Read more →

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The only way to save Darfur is to dispatch a large and capable military expedition. But Security Council members France, China, and Russia have blocked a UN decision on armed intervention because they covet trade ties with Sudan. That still leaves the possibility of civilized states acting independently of the UN, as they did in Kosovo. The productivity of livestock… Read more →

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The method is based on the fact that the features of multipath characteristics in multipath contaminated data can be learned and identified by a convolutional neural network. The proposed method is validated with simulated and real GPS data and compared with existing multipath mitigation methods in position domain. The impact of the proposed method on positioning accuracy improvement is demonstrated… Read more →

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But to make this statement is baldly to undercut reality. Leave out Johnson, and consider instead only more recent history: Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 rather than face certain impeachment and removal from office. Clinton was impeached just 24 years later. LeeSarah J. MollerLucy J. CarpenterAlastair C. FORMER senator Derryn Hinch is apparently yearning to return to Canberra. Turns out… Read more →

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