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The Mescher Garwood semi localised by adiabatic selective refocusing (MEGA sLASER) sequence was developed at 7 T to obtain the time course of GABA concentration without macromolecular contamination. A significant decrease (‘125%) in the GABA to total creatine ratio (GABA/tCr) was observed in the motor cortex during a period of 10 minutes of hand clenching, compared to an initial baseline… Read more →

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Infusion of IMC H7 into the third ventricle suppressed appetite and increased energy expenditure. Likewise, peripheral treatment with IMC H7 decreased appetite and body weight and increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation. A greater reduction in body weight and caloric intake was observed in response to IMC H7 during the long day fat state as compared to the short day… Read more →

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Americans have become so enthralled by the “bread and circuses” of our age groaning under the weight of an abundance of rich foods, televisions tuned to sports and entertainments spectacles, stores competing for Black Friday shoppers, and a general devotion to excess and revelry we have lost sight of the true purpose of Thanksgiving. (Article by John W. Government has… Read more →

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In the present work, we have evaluated for first time the feasibility of APCI MS volatile compound fingerprinting in conjunction with chemometrics (PLS DA) as a new strategy for rapid and non destructive food classification. For this purpose 202 clarified monovarietal juices extracted from apples differing in their botanical and geographical origin were used for evaluation of the performance of… Read more →

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An undisclosed reason for administration opposition is that such tests are needed to develop weapons for the star wars” program. One concept that interests scientists most is the nuclear pumped X ray laser, tested several times under ground at the Nevada test site. Ironically, the X ray laser utilizes a nuclear weapon explosion for its energy despite assertions by President… Read more →

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This thesis assesses the Gulf states’ perceptions towards US hegemony security in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. A number of questions are asked regarding security and stability in the Gulf, the tools, means and objectives of the USA in the region, regional powers and their role in achieving stability in the Gulf. Special references is given to the perspectives of the Gulf… Read more →

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