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That includes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg $100 million donation in 2010 to the Newark, New Jersey, public schools. His foundation gift was matched by private contributions and overseen by a local foundation, which was criticized for a lack of transparency. That surprised Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission Executive Director Colleen Murphy, who said there was no discussion about exempting the… Read more →

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They may often inaccurately predict a blind TMs position, resulting in the undesirable blockage of useful daylight needed.This paper puts forward a new control method for automated venetian blinds to optimize the utility of daylight. The proposed control method can not only protect occupants from direct solar glare but also maximize daylight penetration into office rooms based on algorithmic methods.… Read more →

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The group’s first rifle range, located on Long Island, was paid for by the New York stage legislature. In 1903 Congress set up the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, now known as the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The NRA helped to run this board, and Congress eventually gave surplus guns to NRA sponsored rifle clubs, allowing the organization… Read more →

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In addition to web documentation for self help (see links under “Practical Information forAstronomers ), GBT Operations has a limited number of staff support astronomers who will aid observers in the setup and execution of their observations. In order to make most efficient use of the telescope and to conserve the time of our staff, we describe here the present… Read more →

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Its main street is lined with vendors selling yak butter and tea; its low, brown hills are lined with rows of brightly colored courtyard homes. Those homes and the town now lie in ruin. On Wednesday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the plateau, cracking a hospital, toppling schools and pulling mud and wood houses to the ground. Aurora kinases play… Read more →

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You have the opportunity to reverse course. Have fun over at OCN or some other inferior designed UI site. Also, stay away from The Lounge forum here, LOL. But personal responsibility is sometimes not enough. The country waited many years hoping for smokers to stop and for parents to protect their children from the tobacco companies. It was a good… Read more →

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