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The Boy Scouts are now beginning to catching up with this reality. This is yet another step in the right direction towards ending discrimination against LGBT youth across this country. Yet, the Boy Scouts need to go further and end all discrimination within their organization. Mars has magnetized rocks in its crust that create localized, patchy magnetic fields (left). In… Read more →

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1977. Harris, one of Broadway’s most honored performers, whose roles ranged from the flamboyant Sally Bowles in “I Am a Camera” to the reclusive Emily Dickinson in “The Belle of Amherst,” died Saturday Aug. 24, 2013. I see that as reasonable, and a potential necessity/cost saving tool for myself in the distant enough future, but drinking and smoking don really… Read more →

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Many students that are accepted into our nation’s most selective universities choose to attend Howard, Spelman, Prairie View A and others because they understand they’re entering into a legacy that no other research institute in the nation could match.It also ignores the fact that the nation’s top 50 universities producing African American science and engineering doctorates is comprised of either… Read more →

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The assessment of the thermal properties of walls is essential for accurate building energy simulations that are needed to make effective energy saving policies. These properties are usually investigated through in situ measurements of temperature and heat flux over extended time periods. The one dimensional heat equation with unknown Dirichlet boundary conditions is used to model the heat transfer process… Read more →

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Incidentally, Zimbabwe suffer from the same problem that ails their opponent: their top three have been inconsistent. Both Brendan Taylor and Tatenda Taibu have played 100 plus ODIs but neither has managed to grown into a dependable batsmen. Charles Coventry has fallen apart after he equalled Saeed Anwar’s then record 194 against Bangladesh in 2009. The stronger an athlete’s abdominal… Read more →

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I hope to tie in my work here into my knowledge of 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to further my engineering knowledge and understanding of such tools.Throughout the year I have created a graphics pipeline that can render both photorealistic and non photorealistic images. It all starts with defining what a pixel is and building from there. For instance,… Read more →

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Doha will do nothing to cut emissions that are taking the world to four degrees and more of warming. It offers little in terms of finance to help poor countries cope with climate change, Smith said. And Canada for blocking progress on keys issues. Shown aggressive behavior in the past, but not to this extent, she said Monday. Night was… Read more →

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