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The move comes after numerous reports this year that lethal plastic weapons could be built at home with the emerging printing technology. Last month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives detailed the increasing threat of undetectable firearms. Designs for firearms, such as an AR 15, are spread throughout the Internet.. The initial officer attempted a PIT maneuver on… Read more →

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The brand’s innovative new public space concept joins a host of initiatives recently introduced by Westin Hotels Resorts that have been designed with the guests’ well being in mind. Most recently, Westin announced its revolutionary new workspace concept, Project Hive, to meet the changing needs of today’s mobile business travelers. In early 2012, Westin refreshed its WestinWORKOUT program to match… Read more →

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We hypothesise that accretion will be lower in grazed compared to ungrazed salt marshes. In four study sites along the mainland coast of the Wadden Sea (in the south eastern North Sea), accretion rates, sediment deposition rates, and soil compaction of grazed and ungrazed marshes were analysed using the 137Cs radionuclide dating method. Accretion rates were on average 11.6 mm… Read more →

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These carriers can transport drugs to particular sites of action within the pulmonary system by employing specially designed delivery devices. These devices work through specific mechanisms and their performance depends upon the formulation. Dry powder inhalers deliver dry powdered formulations. “Outrageously, after requiring university staff to double their effort to fulfill these parallel requests, he actually requested not to be… Read more →

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Also, look for fleece dolls and stuffed animals made from post consumer recycled materials.Avoid old painted toys, especially imports, which might be finished with lead paint, and lead and pewter figurines.When in doubt, smell it! Toxic softeners in plastics can give them that new smell. Strong fragrances and perfumes used on scented dolls can provoke allergies or asthmatic reactions.Beware of… Read more →

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We conceptualize the framework by combining literature from the fields of sustainable and humanitarian SCM. We test the framework through an analytic induction process by means of multiple case studies of four relief organisations. Our framework suggests that supply chain design needs to be aligned not only to relief organisations TM enablers, but also to the population TMs long term… Read more →

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