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For some ChIP seq examples, some transcriptional activators and repressors work by binding near gene promoters and interacting with the transcriptional machinery there directly. Because of this, you would tend to annotate these proteins in relation to transcription start sites. On the other hand, there are certain proteins you would expect to be over gene bodies. Bottom line is that… Read more →

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Drivers for taxi companies raise their hands after an Austin City Council member asked who had done a fingerprint background check during discussion about ride sharing services Uber and Lyft on Thursday, October 15, 2015. The Austin City Council, after a two hour discussion about the efficacy of various types of background checks, overwhelmingly passed a resolution Thursday night to… Read more →

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Within the framework of China’s global rise, the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative launched by Xi Jinping in 2013 can be seen as marking a proactive turn in its foreign policy. Whilst it is interesting to consider such developments in relation to China’s evolution into a major power, it is equally useful in relation to assessments of how Chinese policy… Read more →

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Faraday and Maxwell regarded the effect on an electrically charged body as giving rise to stresses in its immediate surroundings. These in turn produce stresses in ever widening circles, gradually diminishing. These stresses. 1080i (interlaced) would alternatively illuminate even/uneven horizontal rows, so you get ‘half’ the image drawn at each refresh and the other half in the next. But even… Read more →