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In 1945, the Communist Viet Minh led by Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam independent and soon began a guerrilla war against the restored French colonial government. Capitalist Vietnamese declared their own state in 1949, with its capital in Saigon, re establishing the former Vietnamese emperor until the Republic of Vietnam was declared in 1956. In 1954, the French relinquished control… Read more →

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(1) Means hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, or any other technology that is to be used specifically. 1702(b)(3)). “Service disabled veteran owned small business concern”. Were given toffees or caramels that stuck in their teeth, Kanger said. Teeth were destroyed. And after they were ruined, these people were in terrible pain. Those mega bridges double the capacity of the bridge, which… Read more →

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This publication describes the use of SuRVoS Workbench, a program designed to address these issues by providing methods to semi automatically segment complex biological volumetric data. Three datasets of differing magnification and imaging modalities are presented here, each highlighting different strategies of segmenting with SuRVoS. Phase contrast X ray tomography (microCT) of the fruiting body of a plant is used… Read more →

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Comparison with high accuracy full conguration interaction results shows that the inadequacies of current density approximations are exacerbated with increasing magnetic field strength. Standard density functionals remain well behaved but fail to deliver high accuracy. The need for improved current dependent density functionals, and how they may be tested using the presented implementation, is discussed in light of our findings..… Read more →

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Among multilevel converter topologies, the cascaded H bridge converter (CHB) is one suitable solution for multiple applications such as flexible ac transmission systems and motor drives. CHB presents a natural high modularity because it is formed by the serial connection of H bridges. This paper deals with a CHB where the cells do not have the same aging because the… Read more →

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