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In addition to Planar’s planned manufacturing expansion, he said the company will significantly expand its research and development headquarters in Orlando, creating a multi faceted, next generation battery organization that is anchored with a high volume manufacturing facility in Gainesville, and an R center that is focused on developing next generation solid state batteries for automotive hybrids, plug in vehicles… Read more →

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On Saturday, July 29th, Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA 27) held her 8th Annual Congressional Leadership Awards Ceremony to honor outstanding and diverse business people, volunteers, educators and non profit organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. The Congressional Leadership Awards ceremony recognizes the diverse leadership and volunteerism in the cities that make up the 27th Congressional District. All the awardees were… Read more →

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(His footwear had to be custom made.) Lincoln also had disproportionately long arms and fingers. A contemporary noted Lincoln’s hands were ‘very large’. However a cast of his hands shows them to be muscular and powerful, not the slender hands characteristic of Marfan syndrome.. Everything is aligned perfectly, and the mouse doesn’t emit any creaking, squeaking, or rattling. The mouse… Read more →

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In order to compute stimulus direction and speed, the visual system must compare the responses of many different sensors sensitive to different directions and speeds. Physiological data show that this computation occurs in the visual middle temporal (MT) area. Recent psychophysical studies indicate that information about spatial form may also play a role in motion computations. The oversized gray top… Read more →

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Electron colliding with positron), annihilation occurs. Annihilation is a term often used to describe the energetic destruction of something. While this is true, the annihilation products from dark matter include huge amounts of energy to create neutrinos and “ordinary matter” such as protons, electrons and positrons. Wednesday night, then 7,500 ft. Thursday and Thursday night highs 45 37 lows 27… Read more →

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Dopamine levels are compromised in people with Parkinson’s leading to decline in mood, libido and muscle control. Environmental toxins and hereditary factors play a role in the development of Parkinson’s. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland found that pesticide use increases the chance of developing the disease. They’re already having huge problems with production lines even without this.… Read more →

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