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Recent studies of alcohol consumption among students have consistently linked in group influence with excessive drinking. Concurrently, these studies have largely overlooked the influence of non alcohol consuming peers (the out group) on the in group’s decisions to consume alcohol. However, out groups can have a significant impact on in group members’ decisions regarding publicly consumed products (White, Simpson, Argo,… Read more →

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Scientists involved with the twins study are very clearly excited about this new approach. Having twin astronauts is an extraordinary opportunity, and will advance our understanding of spaceflight on human physiology enormously. He studies the immune system and is enthusiastic to study specific immune cell populations because many of the other immune studies focus only on general factors.. Item Type:Book… Read more →

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92 (91%) of 101 participants took trial medication, of whom 59 (64%) completed stage 1 and 34 (58%) of these 59 participants completed stage 2 treatment. Despite suboptimal compliance, improvements in BPRS scores at 12 weeks were 7.7 points (95% CI 3.8 “11.5, p=0.0002) greater with amisulpride (mean 11.9 points [SE 1.3]) than with placebo (4.2 points [1.0]). In stage… Read more →

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Artist’s impression of the size difference between Quaoar, Pluto, Sedna, Earth and the Moon. Credit: NASA/JPL CaltechSpeculation as to what could have caused Quaoar to heat up from its natural temperature of 220C (55K or 360F) have led to theories ranging from a barrage of mini meteors that could have raised the temperature, to the presence of cryovolcanism. The latter… Read more →

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The French were far behind, their mindsets still almost medieval. Some accounts of the cellars and barns and railway cars where the wounded were housed are harrowing. Indeed, decades earlier, they’d decided, as part of a program separating church and state, to prevent nuns, historically the healers in war and peace, from serving with the Army hospitals. Thing about it… Read more →

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