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Aquila takes it name from the Latin word for “Eagle”. According to classic Greek mythology, Aquila was the eagle that carried the thunderbolts of Zeus. He was also sent to retrieve the Trojan shepherd boy Ganymede, whom Zeus desired to become a wine pourer for the gods. Smartwatch buyers have not had as much choice in the past few months,… Read more →

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They also forced Kaul to get permission from the Legislature Republican controlled budget committee before he can settle lawsuits. That language has resulted in a bitter stalemate between Kaul and the committee. The attorney general has taken the position that settlements are confidential and he can share details of negotiations with the committee unless its members sign non disclosure agreements.… Read more →

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Abscesses can also occur in the wall behind the nose (retropharyngeal abscesses see the Entry on Adenoids for more detail) and in the neck (parapharyngeal abscesses). In all cases, the treatment is intravenous antibiotics and surgical drainage of the offending abscess. This can be quite a simple operation using a local anaesthetic to numb the area and a syringe to… Read more →

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Louis Planned Parenthood clinic. The Department of Health and Senior Services has refused to renew the clinic’s license, citing concerns about patient safety, “failed surgical abortions” and legal violations.Planned Parenthood pre emptively sued to ensure continued abortion services in the state.In court filings, state attorneys argued that the clinic “is required to seek review of an adverse licensing decision through… Read more →

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Unfortunately, too many New Yorkers are forced to question if they have the ability to serve their families this fundamental necessity,” said Assemblyman Byrne. “At this task force hearing, we listened to many of the challenges we face, and discussed a variety of potential solutions that would help ensure everyone in this state has access to clean water. I look… Read more →

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Tackle Justin Smithadded: just feels like another week. Hopefully we can lock this up. It be a tough challenge division games always are. Tom Hamilton has meant so much to this community and has provided so many inspiring leadership moments to residents and former students in the Pasadena area,” said the Legacy Foundation Chief Development Officer Dedan Brozino. Owe it… Read more →

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2005The role of everyday contexts in learner centred teaching: The practice in Namibian secondary schoolsKasanda, C., Lubben, F., Gaoseb, N., Kandjeo Marenga, U., Kapenda, H. Campbell, B., Dec 2005Article in International Journal of Science EducationResponse to ‘Assessment of practical work in Ireland: A critique’ by P. Matthews and P. Be hard today. But very honored. And just appreciate all the… Read more →

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