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“We expect that our source water system in its current state will meet the required level of service for many decades to come,” he said. Icon Water offered some optionsfor those worried about the colour of water:January 18 2019 12:00AMDiscoloured water warning as Canberra heats upSteve EvansA spokesman said the water discolouration could continue for some days, with a peak… Read more →

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This paper reviews reported studies that concern the design and development of mobile phone applications to prevent obesity, and analyses them from a User Centred Design perspective. Based on the review results, strengths and weaknesses of the existing studies were identified. Identified strengths included: evidence of the inclusion of multidisciplinary skills and perspectives; user involvement in studies; and the adoption… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn this paper, we find that, by computing the difference between two consecutive state vectors of second order double loop sigma delta modulators (SDMs) and plotting one component of the subtracted vectors against the other component, irregular chaotic patterns will become two vertical lines. By multiplying a matrix on the subtracted vectors, it can be further transformed… Read more →

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Just as learning does not end when school lets out, neither does the need for good nutrition. Children who aren’t hungry learn better, act better and feel better. During the school year, more than 18 million children receive free and reduced price meals at school. And for Galway? The level of dependence is too great to not be worried about… Read more →

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First of all this was a fun experience. Mostly pearls, but also sells electronics, cameras lenses, telescopes and telescopic sights, cell phones, clothes, shoes, hand bags luggage, jade carvings, souveniers, etc. Floor 2, ladies handbag section was most aggressive sellers. We predicted that benthic assemblage composition between sites would converge as epigean taxa were selectively eliminated, whereas between site hyporheic… Read more →

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Welfare reform was not an assault on poor people of color. Rather, it was about lifting people (of any race or creed) out of poverty. Conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, and even Calvin Coolidge, always believed the success of a welfare program should be judged by how many people no longer need it. Bo Song was always there… Read more →

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Much of the money goes to analyses of policy questions, such as the best way to finance vaccines for poor countries. But the side of the equation is essentially public relations: an attempt to influence decision makers and sway public opinion. The ultimate goal is to boost funding and focus from governments, businesses and other foundations for the battle against… Read more →

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