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Background: Inflammation is an essential component of arthritis pain. Nerve growth factor (NGF) plays a key role in acute and chronic pain states especially those associated with inflammation. NGF acts through tropomyosin receptor kinase A (TrkA). “We stuck to our game plan, the weather was horrible but it affected both teams. But they played very well. “Our boys came into… Read more →

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But relative to adults, teenagers are short on white matter, the tissue that ensures efficient and steady coordination throughout the brain. The connections between the rest of the brain and the frontal lobe, which is charged with foreseeing the consequences of one actions and differentiating between good and bad, don fully form until one 20s. In the teenage years, the… Read more →

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Leigh wrote on his blog Dec. 14 that he welcomes the investigation, which he described as a “politically motivated bullying tactic” to quell his questions about a “horrible contract” that his colleagues “blindly approved.” In a brief phone interview Monday, Leigh surprisingly claimed he’s been cleared by the commission: “There’s a letter that exonerated me of all the allegations,” he… Read more →

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