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Catholic priest says he denied Joe Biden Holy Communion at Mass in South Carolina because of abortion viewsFormer Vice President Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina on Sunday morning because of his views on abortion, a priest said in a statement. The Rev. Robert Morey said Monday that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate… Read more →

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Following the Tunguska Event, the night skies shone brightly for several days across Europe, particularly Great Britain more than 3,000 miles away. Kelley said he became intrigued by the historical eyewitness accounts of the aftermath, and concluded that the bright skies must have been the result of noctilucent clouds. The comet would have started to break up at about the… Read more →

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Hot twoppic of the week is Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which hits theaters this Friday. Tweets of anticipation for the film and its soundtrack “Almost Alice,” have flooded Twitter. But this isn’t your grandmother’s “Alice.” Tim Burton does what he does best in the 3 D movie and makes an eerie visual spectacle that has Alice returning to Wonderland… Read more →

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The ‘Mackbeth’ chapter in Holinshed’s Chronicles contains many of the features of the Macbeth story. Gruoch is given the evil attributes of Lady Macbeth, and is described as ‘verie ambitious, burning in an unquenchable desire to beare the name of a queene’. Much as in Macbeth, Holinshed depicts her as the principal driving force behind Macbeth’s personal killing of King… Read more →

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No es realista ver un poco de todo, a menos que se disponga de mucho tiempo. De hecho, incluso los residentes de toda la vida tienen problemas abarcarlo todo. Parte del puebla lo exigen a los ciudadanos estadounidenses, menos que un tercio de los estadounidenses tienen pasaporte, aunque se espera que este nmero aumente mucho. My impassioned plea for Halloween… Read more →

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A method using experimental nanoindentation and inverse finite element analysis (FEA) has been developed that enables the spatial variation of material constitutive properties to be accurately determined. The method was used to measure property variation in a three dimensional printed (3DP) polymeric material. The accuracy of the method is dependent on the applicability of the constitutive model used in the… Read more →

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