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Interventional radiologists should immediately and aggressively adopt best practices and outcomes monitoring. All IR practices should also take a hard look at reducing costs and identifying ways to redesign the care process to improve operations and efficiency while making sure that care is delivered in an appropriate setting. Hospital based IRs must take a leadership role in redesigning care delivery.… Read more →

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A spherical conducting droplet in an alternating electric field is known to undergo shape oscillations. When the droplet is supported by a substrate, the shape is no longer a complete sphere, but shape resonances are still observed. To obtain a completely spherical droplet, some kind of levitation is needed, unless the droplet is in microgravity, and this has previously been… Read more →

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The findings indicate that incidental brand related stimuli on DS can lead to evaluative judgments such as attitudes. Such stimuli can also work by evoking sensory and affective experiences and eliciting approach behaviour towards an advertiser. Practical implications arise as ‘affective’ DS ads can increase shoppers’ approach towards an advertiser and the store that carries the ads, especially in generating… Read more →

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