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HubbardPublication detailsJournalChemical ScienceDateAccepted/In press 26 Sep 2017DateE pub ahead of print 27 Sep 2017DatePublished (current) 1 Nov 2017Issue number11Volume8Number of pages8Pages (from to)7772 7779Early online date27/09/17Original languageEnglishAbstractModulation of enzyme activity is a powerful means of probing cellular function and can be exploited for diverse applications. Here, we explore a method of enzyme activation where covalent tethering of a small molecule… Read more →

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Bioenergy has been proposed as both a problem and a solution for land use conflicts arising at the nexus between food security and environmental conservation. But such assessments need to be considered in light of differences in the way people value the use of land and the facts that are considered or excluded in making such judgements. While technical and… Read more →

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According to prevailing theory and anecdotal evidence, the congruence between institutional attributes and students’ needs, interests, and preferences plays a key role in promoting college satisfaction and retention. However, this assertion has received little direct empirical attention, and the few available studies appear to have some key limitations. This study examined the factor structure and predictive validity of a newly… Read more →

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The virtual screen looks great; ODG says it’s a high def display that conjures up a virtual 720p screen floating a few feet away from your face. Checking out some apps, picture quality looked fine. I could read text on icons and documents perfectly, even with objects behind the screen, and I didn’t feel any of the discomfort that augmented… Read more →

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We’re doing this now,” she said in an August announcement. Supreme Court’s June decision to stay out of the politics of gerrymandering once and for all. The court’s conservative majority said federal courts would not police the drawing of electoral maps, leaving it to the states and Congress to develop and enforce the rules.. Aprs une squence intressante fin novembre,… Read more →

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“They’re two different players that are at the same position, but play it different ways,” Britt said. “With Mark you get power and he’s gonna work his ass off. With Oday you’ve got the experience, he’s played more and he understands the Titans real well because he’s played them plenty of times. Fax: 6280 2282. Mail: Letters to the Editor,… Read more →