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There’s a whole lot of bickering going on over the effectiveness and potential dangers of low carb diets, but the participants in this fight aren’t concerned about your health: they’re concerned about their profits. Ever since the popularity of the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet, Americans are avoiding orange juice, soft drinks, breads and other refined carbohydrates in record… Read more →

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A recent trip to China, to learn about Chinese higher education institutions and explore the potential for research collaborations and partnerships, suggested important lessons for South Africa’s higher education system. The most striking feature of China’s universities is how they are structured to meet the needs of their context. Of course, they do borrow from the comparative experiences of other… Read more →

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The growth dynamics of the global Agricultural Insurance market is shaped by a diverse range of regional and global factors and trends, the detailed account of which forms the core of the report. The study presents in depth insights into various developments, identifies broad opportunities, and offers a granular analysis of the factors influencing the growth of prominent segment. The… Read more →

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This paper analyzes seasonality in the United Kingdom, specifically the English regions in relation to tourists TM place of origin and main travel motivation. The method used is a decomposition of the Gini index, which provides relative marginal effects that facilitate the identification of market segments open to counter seasonal marketing efforts. This method has been combined with a graphical… Read more →

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After learning that he had lung cancer, a senior citizen rejected conventional cancer therapies. Instead, the 81 year old patient took cannabidiol (CBD) oil for three months. The herbal medicine successfully shrunk the tumorous growth in his left lung.The long term adverse effects of smoking haunted the man. It was also during the 4th century BCE that Plato and Aristotle… Read more →

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