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Although orderly representations of sound frequency in the brain play a guiding role in the investigation of auditory processing, a rigorous statistical evaluation of cortical tonotopic maps has so far hardly been attempted. In this report, the group level significance of local tonotopic gradients was assessed using mass multivariate statistics. The existence of multiple fields on the superior surface of… Read more →

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Seasonal flu vaccines are also fraudulently marketed with blatantly false claims that they prevent the flu in everyone who receives a shot. “Get the shot and you won’t miss work” is one of the common claims made in flu shot promotions. Or, as Walgreens implies, “Get the shot and you won’t infect your family members.” That claim is blatantly misleading… Read more →

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In addition, a text based data allows applying indexing and searching techniques to access to the critical events. Hence, the transcribed heartbeat sounds provides useful information to monitor the behavior of a patient for the long duration of time. This paper proposes a frequency shifting method in order to improve the performance of the transcription. Honduran lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last… Read more →

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Not a bone of contentionProtective, but without malice was Leo’s modus operandi. Big, but gentle giants, Golden Retrievers have the well earned reputation as “pleasers”. With the exception of being difficult to contain, even that, in the Golden’s heart, is their attempt to spread the joy of just being, they are devoid of any degree of negativity.. That war economy,… Read more →

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Calvin Andrus LLC’s first order of business on a job site is determining the flow of wastewater runoff and the best way to contain it. Next, he minimizes the possible contaminants in the wastewater by conducting a pre cleaning of the site, including a trash detail, sweeping and use of oil absorbents. The final step, proper disposal, is achieved by… Read more →

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