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Margot, who at the time of the observations was a research associate in the planetary studies/radar group at the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (managed at Cornell University), says that theoretical and modeling results show the binary asteroids appear to be formed extremely close to Earth within a distance equal to a few times the planet’s… Read more →

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Shunk works in tandem with Tapia and Alin Gonzalez, their in house contracted alterations designer. Shunk and Gonzalez, first paired through the small business program at COCC, agree the quality of work they produce is far greater, more creative and cost effective for their clients because of their on site partnership. “We do custom fittings, designing, creating all in house,… Read more →

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Changes in expression of MDM 2 isoforms suggested a functional effect of the induced TP53 mutation.Conclusions: We have developed an in vitro model to study TP53 gene dosage effects. The protocol is efficient and applicable to any gene. Importantly, we have used Cas9 mRNA and labelled tracr/guideRNA to isolate likely mutated cells and HRM for rapid mutation detection.. To ensure… Read more →

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As Governor, I am committed to addressing these issues head on. Upon assuming office, I took the immediate step of directing all state agencies including HHSC to implement key transparency and accountability reforms to their contracting and procurement processes. I will take the findings of the strike force’s report into account as I determine what additional actions must be taken… Read more →

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Fourteen students and three staff members died in the Feb. 14 attack in Parkland. Former student Nikolas Cruz is charged with their deaths and the wounding of 17 other people. The test specimens were subjected to tensile fatigue load characteristics with varying stress ranges.Mathematical methods are used to analyse the fatigue test data using the normal, lognormal and Weibull distributions.… Read more →