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Smette William R. Sturges Jr. Christopher Bunda Adam G. Recent work contends that management education provides an important space for managers’ identity work. However, it is also recognised that much of what is currently offered constrains rather than enables managers’ identity work. Against this background, I present material which provides important practical possibilities to managers for more realistic and helpful… Read more →

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While in the early stages of exploration, such a plan aims to meet the growing health care needs of southern Colorado. Additionally, a project of this scope is expected to drive economic development and new jobs. UCHealth and Children’s Colorado will be working with city officials and incorporating input from the community and key stakeholders along the way.. Using the… Read more →

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And naughty things. And porn. And pixel porn. How to protect yourself from disease by building lifelong immunityIn a lifetime of work, Dr. Klenner voiced his recommendation that any person, whether combating an illness or not, should not rely on the small recommended dosage for vitamin C. Such levels are only useful in warding off acute scurvy; they do not… Read more →

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You could scatter cremated remains from your own boat or a friend boat, but the 31 foot Sea Ray of Perpetual Waters Charter Service can hold up to six family members and a funeral director, hold a professional service and offer a certificate with the GPS location of the remains. Lesperance will meet a family at a dock anywhere between… Read more →

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