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Now, the 2020 Democratic field is encouraging this trend, emphasizing small dollar donations as a sign of credibility and accountability, with most candidates rejecting corporate PAC money. Advocates of campaign finance reform say this shift toward grassroots fundraising has the potential to generate a more inclusive style of governance, improving American democracy. “It means more people will be participating; more… Read more →

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And Elahi, Pascal Jahan and Font, Andreea and Fontanot, Fabio and Garcia Bellido, Juan and Gargiulo, Ignacio D. And Gonzalez Perez, Violeta and Helly, John and Henriques, Bruno and Hirschmann, Michaela and Lee, Jaehyun and Mamon, Gary A. And Monaco, Pierluigi and Onions, Julian and Padilla, Nelson D. The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model is one of many models that… Read more →

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Apart from Marky Mark’s charm shortfall, the film only really disappoints when it comes to the concluding car chase, which is a bit lacklustre compared to the original, and the ending, which inevitably can’t compete with 1969’s literal cliffhanger. But as I say, this is smart and funny and very entertaining in its’ own way. Strangely enough, though, the truth… Read more →

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Infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is cleared spontaneously in only 20% of cases with the majority of individuals developing a chronic infection. This discrepancy in disease outcome is incompletely understood but current understanding of the immune response to HCV suggests that rapid induction of a broadly neutralising antibody (nAb) response leads to resolution of acute infection. The majority of… Read more →

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Results: Based on the preliminary analyses (correlations and linear regression), two different models were built. In the first model, low conscientiousness and depression had a direct significant influence on problematic internet use. The indirect effect of conscientiousness via depression was non significant. Gruchot, Kyle Jasik, Crystal Fierros, Nicholas Lavery, Tyler C. Strejc, Dominique N. Tanchez, Tiana R. Implications: Given this,… Read more →

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