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Additional Information:Ears evolved in many groups of moths to detect the echolocation calls of predatory bats. Although the neurophysiology of bat detection has been intensively studied in moths for decades, the relationship between movement of the noctuid tympanic membrane and action potentials in the auditory sensory cells (A1 and A2) has received little attention. Using laser Doppler vibrometry, we measured… Read more →

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The problem is, there’s just not enough new housing being built in that price range. Both our government and business leaders must recognize that fact; and then do something about it. Take a blighted neighborhood that has lost major employers or has trouble attracting businesses, and give it special tax incentives and breaks to encourage businesses to move back to… Read more →

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Collectively, these observations indicate a wider role for TA modules in bacterial function, with numerous roles for TA systems now hypothesised. These include: i) Stabilisation of TA associated chromosomal DNA during vertical transmission; ii) Formation of “persister” cells resistant to environmental stresses, and; iii) Population level resistance to bacteriophage attack. Additionally, some Tx components have shown activity in eukaryotic cells,… Read more →

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Discovery’s STS 119 mission will carry two new solar array wings, which will increase the station’s solar power capacityso it might support a larger crew. Launch was initially set for early February, but managers were worried following a malfunction ofhydrogen control valves on the shuttle Endeavour last fall. They wanted to rule out any similar glitches on Discovery.. They surmised… Read more →

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15 othersKiselev, O., Langer, C., Le Bleis, T., Lemmon, R. C., Nilsson, T., Paschalis, S., Petri, M. K., Plag, R., Reifarth, R., Rossi, D., Scheit, H., Simon, H., Wamers, F., Weick, H. One hundred and two trials with 120 intervention arms (studies) were included, with 88 trials (involving over 28,000 women) providing data on smoking abstinence in late pregnancy. Interventions… Read more →

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