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Overnight administration of TC to living cells was shown not to alter the metabolic activity or the progression of cell differentiation. When applied to differentiating cultures, cell exposure to serial doses of TC was found to produce quantifiable fluorescence emission specifically in osteogenic cultures. Incubation with TC enabled fluorescence imaging of mineralised areas in live cultures and the combination with… Read more →

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Ford Transit Operations is working with TfL on this front, and has affixed stickers to the trailers it operates which deliver cars and parts to the automaker’s UK dealer network. The decals read, “Cyclists beware of passing this vehicle on the inside.” As we all know, the inside is generally the driver’s blind side, and the hope is that the… Read more →

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Treatments for HydrocephalusThe treatment for hydrocephalus is usually a shunt. In this context, a shunt is a tube that begins in the spina bifidant’s skull which trails down into the chest or stomach cavity, where excess spinal fluid can drain and be harmlessly absorbed back into the body. A button is accessible outside the skull underneath the scalp which is… Read more →

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Hours 0600 1700 CLIN 0007 Children’s Lunch/Snacks Provide Children’s lunch and an AM/PM snack for 300 children to reflect our childcare requirements, see attached quote mark Childcare Requirements quote mark for times and acceptable/preferred menu items. These meals will be eaten by the children in the childcare rooms they are assigned to. CLIN 0008 Lodging Single Rooms 10 January Provide… Read more →

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Or, read about the taxonomic confusions and scientific lapses in research on petrels, Albatrosses, storm petrels, and diving petrels. Unlike most other birds, we can spend time observing seabirds, getting to know them, because at sea! And, you need a boat. And, for many of these species, you need a boat that goes very far from shore, to extremely remote… Read more →

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