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Previous work has shown that precise control of the force applied to the composite surface during forming has the potential to prevent the formation of wrinkle defects. In this paper the development of various control strategies that can robustly adapt to different complex geometries are presented and compared within simulated and small scale experimental environments, on varying surface profiles. Results… Read more →

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The fundamentally challenging structure of the web, Sandhaus says, isn’t exactly helping the cause, though. The web is predominantly written in HTML, a markup language that focuses on expressing how information on a webpage should look, not what it means. As a result, important pieces of information within webpages, such as headlines, bylines and publish dates in news articles, are… Read more →

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D., Booth, N., Spindloe, C., Platonov, K. Y., Mckenna, P., Kodama, R., Woolsey, N. Pikuz, S. Other events are tagged as earthquakes because of where they occur geographically.A distinct difference between an explosion and an earthquake is that an explosion radiates energy uniformly in all directions, whereas an earthquake, created when two crustal blocks slide past one another, generates a… Read more →

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The West Gets InvolvedIn mid September 2014, the United Nations called its first ever emergency meeting on a health threat. A resolution was passed declaring the epidemic a ‘threat to international peace and security. Which unless contained, may lead to further instances of civil unrest, social tensions and a deterioration of the political and security climate.’ United Nations disaster relief… Read more →

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Exercising is also an excellent way to keep the body fit and healthy and there is interplay between the ‘fit body’ and the ‘body beautiful’. There is a growing demand amongst men for the means to improve their physical appearance and for personal grooming treatments ranging from facials to body massage. The industry has responded to their needs and a… Read more →

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