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Low enrollment and the decrease in graduation and retention rates are challenges facing the growth of the Master’s in Technology Management Construction Management (MTM CM) program at BGSU. In addition, the competition between the universities to enroll and retain more in state, out of state, and international students is aggressive. There is a need for a revaluation for the MTM… Read more →

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These tend to be well formulated problems. They have canonical answers that are not trivial, but not too long. Every physics student encounters them in their studies. BIOTEKNICA: Laboratory Remix is a complex installation, including functional laboratory equipment, a free standing tent, and a video work, all in support of a single tissue culture sculpture a Teratological Prototype. Developed with… Read more →

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And Burton, Paul R. And Dixon, Richard J. And Mangino, Massimo and Stevens, Suzanne and Tobin, Martin D. Over the course of Lites’ two prior stints with the Stars (1993 02; 2003 07), the team won seven division championships, two Western Conference championships, two Presidents’ Trophies, and the 1999 Stanley Cup. He played an active role in the conception, design,… Read more →

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In temperate and tropical regions agricultural conversion of natural habitat typically has negative impacts upon the diversity and functional complexity of bird communities. In arid environments however, the irrigation associated with agricultural can lead to an increase in local abundances of plant and insect resources, so has the potential to benefit bird communities. South Sinai is a key migratory corridor… Read more →

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