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In the District 1 race, Tyron Hampton is a School Board member who comes grew up locally, is a product of local public schools, and joined and works at his family’s business,Pasadena Construction. The live coverage will be broadcast on KPAS, Pasadena’s government cable access station, on Ch. 3 for Charter subscribers and Ch. If the equipment is being shitty,… Read more →

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HKCC are celebrating their 150th Anniversary in April 2001. They will be organising a 6 a side tournament and will be inviting Nomads. The Club will also be hosting the first ever match between the 2 MCCs (Marylebone and Melbourne) to be held outside of England and Australia around the same time.. Where do they go? Anywhere other rich people… Read more →

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Purpose: Democratic therapeutic communities, use a flattened hierarchy TM model whereby staff and clients are considered to have an equal voice, sharing administrative and some therapeutic responsibility. However, these dynamics could be destructive when members were excluded or marginalised. Some clients used their interactions at times to consolidate power amongst dominant members.Practical implications: It is argued that the flattened hierarchy… Read more →

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They have bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. The difference: Politicians generally have more money and unlike most people they represent they must make their investments public. Another difference: Politicians, during the course of their official duties, routinely have access to non public information. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has said that Freedom violated state law by failing… Read more →