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Rhizoctonia solani is a plant pathogenic fungus that causes significant establishment and yield losses to several important food crops globally. This is the first application of high resolution X ray micro Computed Tomography (X ray CT) and real time PCR to study host “pathogen interactions in situ and elucidate the mechanism of Rhizoctonia damping off disease over a 6 day… Read more →

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Music preserves my West African roots while embracing diverse cross cultural influences and styles, reports the Ghana born artist. Strive to create a rhythmic fusion of old and new that presents a fresh sound that preserves the authenticity of the traditional while embracing the rich complexity of the integrated world we inhabit today. Maui show will include a dance floor.… Read more →

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Depending on the semester, the college newspaper will have a critic. Then the Detroit papers send critics to town for the professional shows. An alternative newspaper has three critics that come to town and the Free Press usually sends someone.. If you have a dog, part of this protection may include the installation of a fence traditional or invisible, especially… Read more →

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The debate about whether to change that is about to heat up. State Rep. Marc Gergley, a McKeesport Democrat, is drafting a resolution that would task the House Legislative Budget and Finance Committee with studying the impact economic and otherwise of legalizing Sunday hunting for deer and waterfowl in Pennsylvania. Secondly, take a moment to think about where you are.… Read more →

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In her essay “Driving Miss Daisy Crazy,” Lee Smith acknowledges and welcomes in literature’s New South, the South of small town sushi restaurants and multilingual classrooms. It doesn’t lend itself to the same characters and devices that have had a long life in Southern lit, but really, isn’t that all for the best? Instead of overhauling history, over and over… Read more →

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The families cared for by Anderson have all said they consider her part of their family. Supreme Court. Supreme Court ruled that Rotary Clubs could no longer exclude women from membership on the basis of gender. It is a tumor inhibiting hormone. And what’s more, its effects reach much farther than the skin; research has shown that active vitamin D… Read more →