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Our results reveal that protonation state has a dramatic effect on the absorption and photodissociation properties of this sunscreen. While the UV absorption profile of oxybenzone is only modestly affected by protonation across the range from 400 216 nm, deprotonated oxybenzone displays a significantly modified absorption spectrum, with very low photoabsorption between 370 330 nm. Protonated oxybenzone primarily photofragments by… Read more →

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Wisps, large tendrils of liquid and the product of incomplete atomisation, which had previously detected in smaller diameter pipes, have also been found in the larger diameter pipe employed here. The output of the Wire Mesh Sensor has been used to determine the overall void fraction. When examined within a drift flux framework, it shows a distribution coefficient of 1,… Read more →

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Know that after age 5, the effectiveness of the treatment is diminished, Neely adds. Problem is most vision screenings happen when kids go to school, he says close to when the window of correction closes. Preventive Services Task Force(USPSTF)guidelines, issued in January 2011, only recommendtesting children for this eye condition between the ages of 3 and 5, citing insufficient evidence… Read more →

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