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Mobile sand bed (D50 of 450m) experiments were undertaken in a recirculating, 16m long, 1.6m wide flume. Beds were water worked under steady unidirectional flow until equilibrium conditions were achieved, after which two distinct hydrographs were applied. At the end of each hydrograph, a period of steady flow was again run until equilibrium conditions were attained. Background: Homeobox genes are… Read more →

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The Senate plan is projected to eventually generate roughly $800 million annually above current collections. It includes raising the state’s gas tax by 12 cents over six years and doubling the vehicle sales tax cap to $600. But the tax cuts and rebates inserted during floor debate could eventually reduce revenue by more than $650 million annually.. Apps and online… Read more →

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In the present study we collected ratings for 621 words on seven semantic dimensions (graspability, ease of pantomime, number of actions, animacy, size, danger, and usefulness) in order to investigate which attributes are most strongly related to BOI ratings, and to lexical semantic processing. BOI ratings were obtained from previous norming studies (Bennett, Burnett, Siakaluk, Pexman, 2011; Tillotson, Siakaluk, Pexman,… Read more →

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New research from a Harvard team that examined 51 various electronic cigarettes and e liquids the juices used in vaping found that 75% of the juices contained dangerous flavoring chemicals that historically have been tied to a lung disease called “popcorn lung.”Headlines like “Those Cool E Cigs You’re Vaping Will Prob Give You Lung Disease” would have you believe it’s… Read more →