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Mobile sand bed (D50 of 450m) experiments were undertaken in a recirculating, 16m long, 1.6m wide flume. Beds were water worked under steady unidirectional flow until equilibrium conditions were achieved, after which two distinct hydrographs were applied. At the end of each hydrograph, a period of steady flow was again run until equilibrium conditions were attained. Background: Homeobox genes are… Read more →

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Kinase inhibitor research is a comparatively recent branch of medicinal chemistry and pharmacology and the first small molecule kinase inhibitor, imatinib, was approved for clinical use only 15 years ago. Since then, 33 more kinase inhibitor drugs have received regulatory approval for the treatment of a variety of cancers and the volume of reports on the discovery and development of… Read more →

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It lets wearers surf the Web, ask for directions and take photos or videos. Akin to wearing a smartphone without having to hold it in your hands, Glass also lets people read their email, share photos on Twitter and Facebook, translate phrases while travelling or partake in video chats. Glass follows some basic voice commands, spoken after the words Glass.… Read more →

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The Bush administration’s handouts to pharmaceutical companies just keep on coming. First, it was the Medicare discount drug card scam which turned out to be a system that guaranteed pharmaceutical industry profits thanks to sky high prices of prescription drugs (the discounts were nonexistent). Next, it was the initiation of an anti terror drug research program where the government would… Read more →

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The Senate plan is projected to eventually generate roughly $800 million annually above current collections. It includes raising the state’s gas tax by 12 cents over six years and doubling the vehicle sales tax cap to $600. But the tax cuts and rebates inserted during floor debate could eventually reduce revenue by more than $650 million annually.. Apps and online… Read more →

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