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However, Barboni and her team were able to examine eight zircons that were in good condition. More importantly, these silicate deposits are believed to have formed shortly after the collision between Earth and Theia, when the Moon was still an unsolidified mass covered in oceans of magma. As these oceans gradually cooled, the Moon body became differentiated between its crust,… Read more →

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Former national security adviser John Bolton scheduled to testify in impeachment inquiryWASHINGTON Former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has emerged as a key witness and a central figure in the impeachment inquiry,has been scheduled to testify next week. Bolton was asked to appear before the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairsand Oversight committees on Nov. 7, according to an official with… Read more →

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Production of metallic iron through molten oxide electrolysis using inert electrodes is an alternative route for fast ironmaking without CO2 emissions. The fact that many inorganic oxides melt at ultrahigh temperatures (>1500 K) challenges conventional electro analytical techniques used in aqueous, organic and molten salt electrolytes. However, in order to design a feasible and effective electrolytic process, it is necessary… Read more →

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In low capillary number regimes, we find that aperture effect 1 and 2 dominate, which (relatively) stabilise interfacial perturbations in converging geometries and destabilise perturbations in diverging geometries. In high capillary number regimes, aperture effect 3 dominates meaning the relative stability transitions; the interface is destabilised in converging cells and stabilised in diverging cells. We find an upper bound critical… Read more →

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These interventionswere subsequently explored and evaluated through the semi Delphi study. The outcome pinpointed the suitable actor(s) for each intervention and sets of importantand feasible interventions for short term and long term success in scaling up. This research contributes further to knowledge in design for sustainable behaviour by suggesting interventions beyond product and communication design to influence behaviour, and demonstrating… Read more →

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